Artist Statement

Life is a kaleidoscope of interlocking emotions of joy and beauty and nature mirrors various emotions with interlocking patterns of constant change. It is ever-changing, ever-constant. Beautiful patterns of green and blue, various reds and pinks, yellow, orange, etc. magnify the wonder of the world in which we live.

The exploration of light on a form, the space it occupies, and the brilliant or muted color of the day are explored through the medium of paint. Paint is tactile and wondrous in the way it can evoke feelings of awe and delight. In a world of high-paced technology painting can still remind us of the gift of simple pleasure of being outdoors and feeling the warmth of nature. We are part of an important pattern even if we do not fully comprehend its meaning. I follow the footsteps of past artists in trying to capture that moment where we feel most alive and an integral important part of the world around us—to cameo a moment of beauty and hold onto it as our own special good luck charm.

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